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Desiree Ortiz

Congratulations to Senior Administrative Assistant Desiree Ortiz for being named this year’s Caring Campus Ambassador at the Employee Recognition Ceremony on May 6. 

Desiree has played a pivotal role in advancing the Caring Campus initiative both locally  and statewide. Starting with initiatives like "warm handoffs," Desiree was seamlessly involved in integrating Caring Campus principles into various college functions, from  hiring to classroom interactions. Her steadfast commitment led to the successful adoption of these principles throughout IVC and beyond.  

Desiree’s influence in Caring Campus extends beyond IVC, where she has mentored  five other community colleges in implementing Caring Campus practices. Her active involvement in statewide forums and conferences reflects her role as a leader in aligning Caring Campus with broader educational initiatives. 

Through her work with Guided Pathways and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility initiatives, she has inspired colleagues and administrators to integrate Caring Campus principles into their daily work, contributing to a more equitable and  inclusive college environment.  

Finally, in her roles in Financial Aid and now as Senior Administrative for Campus Police, her genuine care and empathy have made a tangible impact on supporting vulnerable students and fostering a culture of understanding and support. Her  collaborative approach and unwavering commitment to student success exemplifies the values that define Irvine Valley College's mission.