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Kian Goshtasbi

Kian Goshtasbi is a dedicated student at Irvine Valley College (IVC) pursuing a major in computer science. His profound passion for the field of computer science was ignited during his childhood explorations in video game design. Despite facing initial setbacks and doubts about the field, Kian's resilience and determination led him back to computer science during his senior year of high school.

A graduate of University High School, Kian aspires to further his education at UC Berkeley, with aspirations of either entering the industry or pursuing graduate studies in computer science. Throughout his academic journey, Kian has balanced his studies with part-time work and extracurricular commitments, demonstrating his ability to manage multiple responsibilities effectively.

During a particularly challenging period of time when he was taking major preparation courses while working part-time, Kian learned the importance of time management and perseverance. It was through sheer dedication and focus that enabled him to ultimately achieve perfect marks in his classes.

“IVC is much less hands-on with how students handle their educational plans," says Kian. "So, as a result I've had the opportunity to practice making important educational decisions on my own." Kian explains, "Being given the freedom and responsibility of deciding my college plan has allowed me to become someone who is much more in control of both their academic and non-academic life.”

As a math tutor at IVC's tutoring center, Vice President of the Computer Science Club, and mentor in the peer mentor program, Kian actively contributed to creating a supportive community and helping fellow students achieve their academic goals.

Kian says that engaging in the IVC Honors Program provided him with the opportunity to tackle more rigorous coursework, better preparing him for the challenges of upper-division classes and future endeavors in computer science.