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Irvine Valley College has received a $25,000 grant from The Allstate Foundation in collaboration with the Center for Expanding Leadership & Opportunity (CELO) to  support youth-led, youth-driven community service among students. This grant is part of The Allstate Foundation’s national efforts to transform how we engage, equip, and  prepare youth to participate in community service.   

"The Allstate Foundation supports organizations like Irvine Valley College which play an indispensable role in reinforcing the significance of youth-led service, and equipping  young people with the vital tools needed to serve their communities,” said Greg  Weatherford II, Youth Empowerment Program Officer for The Allstate Foundation. “We hope Irvine Valley College’s efforts continue to inspire more youth to serve and  accelerate positive change where they live and beyond.”  

"IVC is thrilled to receive this generous grant from The Allstate Foundation. This funding  not only supports our students and their youth-led service initiatives but further underscores the importance of nurturing young leaders who are dedicated to making a  positive impact in our society,” said IVC President Dr. John C. Hernandez.  

Funding for Irvine Valley College is part of the “A Return to Service” initiative designed to catalyze change while positioning youth-led, youth-driven service as essential for improving communities. Funding at Irvine Valley College will be used to uphold,  recognize, and acknowledge the community service and leadership contributions of our highly engaged student body.  

The Allstate Foundation’s support allows Irvine Valley College to recognize student efforts around service and leadership on and beyond the college community. These  new funds will help student leaders engage in various forms of community service to  advance equity and workforce development.  

“I believe that the high cost of living in most areas is affecting young people’s ability to  take part in community service. A lot of people work long hours or multiple jobs to survive and aren't able to contribute. A possible solution is to do small things in your  daily lives. Small actions of kindness are community service,” said Associated Students of Irvine Valley College President Diego Victoria.