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Students and donors at Scholarship Awards Ceremony

On Friday, May 17, the Irvine Valley College (IVC) Foundation held  its 39th Annual Scholarship Celebration demonstrating a resounding display of generosity and commitment to student success. The Foundation awarded a total of $558,750 in scholarships, marking a significant increase of $30,450, or 6%, compared to last year's event. 

A total of 617 scholarships were given out, benefiting 356 deserving students. Notably, external contributions further enriched the occasion, with outside scholarships totaling $146,680. Additionally, through emergency funds and bookstore vouchers, an additional $81,837 was  allocated, demonstrating the Foundation's dedication to supporting students in every possible capacity. 

“In total, direct support to students, encompassing all aforementioned figures, funds reached an impressive $787,267, exceeding last year's total by $67,000. This substantial increase underscores the unwavering commitment of the IVC Foundation to empower students and foster academic success,” said Foundation Executive Director Elissa Oransky. 

“I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the generosity of our scholarship donors. Contributions, regardless of their size, play an indispensable role in breaking down financial barriers and  nurturing student success. Through their generous financial support, we are not only investing in education but also instilling belief in students' dreams, sending a powerful message of  encouragement and empowerment,” said IVC President Dr. John Hernandez. 

The annual scholarship award ceremony reflects the strong support for the work of the IVC  Foundation as they believe in contributing to a meaningful experience that enhances teaching  and learning at IVC. Every day, the Foundation cultivates resources that will ultimately provide students with access to an exceptional education and a caring campus community. For more information about the Irvine Valley College Foundation and its initiatives, please visit IVC Foundation's website.