Title IX: Sexual Harassment

FAQs – Title IX Office

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm. We welcome walk-ins every Monday and Tuesday, and remote services Wednesday to Friday. Given the COVID-19 safeguards in place, appointments are strongly encouraged. For quicker response time, please email us.

May I report Title IX-related incidences while on campus?

Yes. Students may report incidences of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking to the Title IX Office. Depending on the details, the Title IX Office will discuss reporting options, confidential support options, and supportive measures available to the student. There are two options to notify the Title IX Office:

Marco Caamal, Jr, College Compliance Support Specialist

Reporting online:
Report an Incident

May I meet the Title IX Office remotely?

Yes. If you are more comfortable to meet via Zoom, the Title IX Office will continue to schedule appointments via Zoom or telephonically.

What should I do to preserve evidence while the Health and Wellness Center is closed?

Physical evidence of a sexual assault must be collected from the person within 72 hours, though evidence can often be obtained from towels, sheets, clothes, etc. for much longer periods of time.

If you believe you have been a sexually assaulted, please visit a medical facility capable of collecting medical/legal evidence in cases of sexual assault and has specially trained staff to do so before washing yourself or your clothing. Anaheim Regional Medical Center (714-774-1450) is the only hospital in Orange County that performs sexual assault exams. You can also contact your local law enforcement agency or a crisis hotline for assistance. Having the evidence collected in this manner will help keep all your options open, but will not obligate you to any course of action. Collecting evidence can assist authorities in pursuing criminal charges if you decide to later.


If you have changed clothing since the assault, bring the clothing you had on at the time of the assault to the hospital in a clean, sanitary container such as a clean paper grocery bag or wrapped in a clean sheet (plastic containers do not breathe, and may render evidence useless). If you have not changed clothes, bring a change of clothes, if possible, as authorities will likely keep the clothes you are wearing as evidence.

May I file a complaint if the incident occurred off campus?

If you were sexually assaulted off campus, contact the local police department where the incident took place. The local police department will have jurisdiction over the matter.

You may also contact the Title IX Office to discuss support options, such as academic accommodations, campus resources available virtually, and community resources. If you need confidential support, the Health and Wellness Center is available in-person and virtual options to access their staff psychologist.

If the alleged-student is an Irvine Valley College student, and you wish to file a complaint against him/her/them, contact Marco Caamal, Jr, College Compliance Support Specialist, 949-451-5231 or email , to discuss the complaint process and your reporting options.

If the alleged-student is a student from another college, contact Marco Caamal, Jr, College Compliance Support Specialist, 949-451-5231 or email for assistance in reporting to the other college.

May I file a complaint against faculty or staff?

Yes. If the incident involves an Irvine Valley College faculty or staff, contact Karen Dubert, District Director of Employee Relations and Title IX Compliance, 949-726-5819 or kdubert@socccd.edu

What resources are available?