Capital Outlay

IVC Facilities Projects Updates: April 19, 2021

Electronic Access Control

  • Liberal Arts completed
  • Library completed
  • PAC completed
  • LSB (B400) completed
  • A200 completed
  • SSC & B100 completed
  • BSTIC Completed
  • A100 completed
  • B200 Completed
  • All remaining buildings will continue to transition over to the new electronic access according to the agreed prioritized list: Currently in progress: B300, A300, PE100, PE200
  • Estimated completion: September 2021

B200 Chemistry Lab Renovation: Years 1-3

B200 Chemistry Classroom Year 2, Modernization of Chemistry Classroom B221 with Balance and Computer Rooms

  • Construction Contract Awarded to SS+K Construction Inc. on June 24, 2020
  • Construction Started 7/18/20 Completion: December 26, 2020

Construction on schedule

  • Year 2 completed: B221 and Balance room / Computer Lab: NOC goes to Board in March

B200 Chemistry Classroom Year 3, Modernization of Chemistry Classroom 222:

  • Construction Start (S&K): April 5, 2021
  • Estimated Completion: August 2021 / On Schedule

PAC Scene and Prop Storage

Design contract is coupled w/ Lib Improvement Project, PHASE I

Prefab. Metal storage bldg. with 14’ rollup doors and climate control system on concrete slab - DSA approved.  (Separate construction RFP from Library Phase I project)

  • Architect selected; now in design
  • Design slab and attachment system for the bldg.
  • Design climate control system
  • Design insulation system
  • Submit package through DSA May 2021
  • Out to const. bid July/August 2021
  • Estimated Completion: Dec. 2021