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August 22, 2022

ASIVC Tabling
Goal: To provide information about what ASIVC does, ASIVC Benefits, ASIVC Senator Elections, and how to get involved
Location: SSC Quad

Take What You Need Wall
Create a mural wall of post-its with statements for students to take as they walk by. Ex:"You Are Smart" "Hugs" "You Did It"
Location: Left Side of SSC Quad

Alisa H., VC Health Sciences Club President, 2021-2022


IVC Health Sciences club is a place for pre-health students to gather and explore the diversity of the healthcare field. We hosted speakers and shadowing events and welcomed physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, optometry school students, surgeons, and so many other professions. The Health Sciences club was what first introduced me to the diversity in healthcare professions and how it guided me to nursing, which is my current major. Join IVC Health Sciences to share experiences, engage in IVC campus projects, and fundraising activities.

Alisa H., VC Health Sciences Club President, 2021-2022