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ivcweb18-btchaikovsky-2.jpgAssociate Professor Bennet Tchaikovsky began teaching accounting at IVC part-time in 2013, and became full-time in 2014. He said his favorite part about teaching is seeing his students succeed outside the classroom.

"There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my former students obtain internships or full-time employment at area accounting firms," he said.

Tchaikovsky enjoys all of the courses he teaches. "The students make the course," he says. "What I remember most about my classes are the students who were in the class."

Outside of the classroom, Tchaikovsky writes articles for the Roger CPA Review Blog. In his articles, he shares how to make teaching accounting more relevant to students.

Tchaikovsky wants all students to know that they should think about job opportunities while still in school. He emphasizes that students should actively seek out companies that recruit from colleges upon transferring. "Most companies hire while you are in school," Tchaikovsky said. "So you want to make sure that you actively join the recruiting process for your career upon transfer."

He also emphasizes to students the importance of campus involvement. He hopes students understand that being involved in clubs and activities at school will be an asset to them when applying for jobs.

Aside from teaching and working with students, Tchaikovsky enjoys spending his free time with his family—two sons, two cats, and his amazing wife. He also enjoys outdoor cooking, including deep-frying turkeys, smoking ribs, and infrared cooking roasts.