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The 8th Annual Irvine Valley College (IVC)/Saddleback College Student Research Symposium was held on Saturday, November 2 at IVC.

The conference was hosted and organized by the IVC Honors Program and the Saddleback College Honors Program, with generous support by Associated Students of IVC (ASIVC). Eighty students from IVC and Saddleback College shared poster or oral presentations of their faculty-mentored research in a range of disciplines, including anthropology, biology and health sciences, computer science, education, film studies, literature, math, physics, political science, psychology, and sociology. 

Keynote addresses were delivered by SC History Professor Bill Billingsley, who spoke on “The John Birch Society in Orange County, California, 1960-1966,” and by Saddleback Dance Professor Deidre Cavazzi, who spoke on “From Quantum Physics to Mycorrhizal Networks: Creating Multimedia Art Productions in Collaboration with Researchers.”

The following students won awards for their research projects:


Tania Solano Cervantes
Narcocorridos: Mexican Drug Ballads of Socioeconomic Progress and Resistance
This research analyzes the Mexican drug ballads of Narcocorridos and its portrayal of the narcotrafficker as a heroic cultural persona that appeals to Mexicans of lower social strata.
Faculty Mentor: Claire Cesareo      

Emily Crowl

Emotion Recognition Acuity in Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing Adults

This study investigates the differences in emotion recognition in deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing adults using static images and videos, while examining the deficit and conversational hypotheses.

Faculty Mentor: Benjamin Mis 

Charles Foster

With a Little Power, Comes Great Responsibility: The Application of Comic Book Heroes to Social Issues

Despite being morally flawed and fallible, comic book heroes and their stories present potential, yet debatable solutions to social issues.

Faculty Mentor: Gary Luke 

Antonio Maquiling

Vox Populi: The International Biases in Western Mass Media and the Efforts to Equalize Global News Coverage

21st-Century media fail to deliver equal coverage of the world’s diverse regions, harming Western foreign policy and supporting human rights abuses across the globe.

Faculty Mentor: Emily Liu    


Soren Rasmussen, Behnaz Dadgar, Bavan Zamani, and Nab Zamani

Gender Bias in the Workplace

The study explores whether gender bias exists in the workplace, and whether employers are more likely to promote a man over a woman with an identical background.

Faculty Mentor: Michael Cassens

Annika Sial

Reconnecting Nature and Humanity: the Environment in Children’s Literature

This research considers the role of environmental children's literature in the development of the modern western environmentalist movement and the new, interdependent relationship between western society and nature.

Faculty Mentor: Lewis Long

Elisabeth Tracy

Difference in Emotional Perception of Grammatically Correct Text Messages Between Generations

The goal of this study is to examine the role that age plays in the emotional perception of text messages ending with or without a period.

Faculty Mentor: Benjamin Mis         




1st Place

Jaehyuk Im and Ye Eun Park

Difference in IVC and Korean University Students’ Recognition of the Swastika and the Rising Sun Flag

A survey investigates students’ recognition of the Swastika and the Rising Sun Flag, revealing differences in knowledge and historical empathy.

Faculty Mentor: Joon Kil


2nd Place

Alexander Hakim     

A Study of Applied Acoustic Active Noise Cancellation and Other Active Vibration Control

This research involves a literary survey, explanation, and evaluation of the applications, drawbacks, and core scientific concepts behind active noise cancellation and other forms of existing and potential vibration control.

Faculty Mentor: Lan Pham


3rd Place

Paulina Pizano

Sexual Stigmas in the Disabled Community: Can He … Do IT?

There are stigmas about the sexual development about disabled people and misconceptions about inter-abled relationships that can be erased through more research and awareness about sexuality and disability.

Faculty Mentor: Tina Jenkins


Honorable Mention

Angela (Siyeon) Choe, Jiwon Wu, and Eunjin Yoo

The Effect of UC Transfer Policy on Enrollment of International Students at Two Community Colleges

The purpose of this research is to find out why there is an increase in the number of international students attending community colleges in order to transfer to the UCs.

Faculty Mentor: Joon Kil


OTHER STUDENT PRESENTERS INCLUDED Sunya Ahmed, Sofia Abolfathi, Alyssa Amirault, Alexandra Andrianova, Zeinab Arafa, Yerin Bang, Adrian Becerra, Bita Behpoor, Christian Beltran, Mohammad S. Bobarshad, Jade Bolton, Ahmed Boukour, Taylor Cantarini, Ainsley Chu, Spencer Churchill, Dominic Cinco, Danielle Forman, Stevie D. Formica, Sherwin Ghandi, Kelley Green, Nolan Green. Kiana Hada, Negin Hadjiabdolhamid, Mohammad Ferdaws Homayoon, Michael Huizar, Zareen Ismail, Gennavieve Marie Johnson, Liu Yang, Odette Khut, Linda Kim, Lea Kruse, Gargi Kulkarni, Luke Kuo, Peter (Xingyu) Li, Alexandra Genissa Aligada Llamas, Ivan Ma, Nicholas Mao, Lidia McCarter, Ashley McKinnon, Nikhil Medukonduri, Logan Mintz-Hernandez, Claudia Morris, Bernadette Muniz, Marwa Nouristani, Jonathan Olswang,  Kian Orr, Isabella Polito, Huda Rasul, Seyedeh Saina Saifzadeh, Deena Salama, Garret Schnitker, Arifulla Shaik, Thomas Stea, Regina Tahk, Saara Tayani, Izumi Thomas, Alan Truong, Daniel Tsentsiper, Daniel Villagomez, Michael Vu, Laura Warren, Naomi Wattanasarn, Nicolas Wolf.


In addition to those listed above, faculty mentors included Brittany Adams, William Etter, Marni Fisher, Carrie Goulding, Michael Hanson, Seth Hochwald, Taylor Holbrook, Lyndsey Lefebvre, Chris Loeffler, Kurt Meyer, Lan Pham, Marcelo Pires, Alannah Rosenberg, Jerry Rudmann, William Spinella, Jodi Titus, and Kari Tucker-McCorkhill.