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Procedure for Starting a New Club

Irvine Valley College student(s) interested in starting a new club must complete the following six (6) steps:

Optional: Request a meeting with the Office of Student Life. If your club has any questions or needs any help completing documents, finding an advisor, etc. make an appointment with the Office of Student Life. Appointments can be made by email or in-person in the Student Activities Center.

Step 1: Create Club By-Laws and complete the Club Renewal and Registration Form

  • Call an organizational meeting of interested students to complete the club by-laws.
  • Complete the Club Renewal and Registration Form and attached all required documents
  • Club template can be found here and submitted the to the ICC email.
  • Recruit ten (10) IVC students and at least one (1) Club Advisor to attend the first informal meeting

Step 2: Attend an ICC Agenda Meeting

  • Send a representative to the meeting with a draft copy of your clubs by-laws. The ICC officers will review the by-laws for approval. The final by-laws will need to be emailed via Word Document to by the next business day.
  • The club will be given a "New Club on Trial" status
  • Representative will need to notify ICC by the first week of the semester to be included in the agenda.

Step 3: Schedule a New Club Orientation

  • Schedule a New Club Orientation meeting by emailing the Student Development Assistant to schedule a meeting. All club officers and at least one advisor must be present; meeting will last at least one hour

Step 4: ICC Meeting

  • Club will change from “New Club on Trial” to a “New Club”
  • If the “New Club on Trial” status has not ended within the three weeks, then the process will need to be repeated.
  • Send an ICC Representative to the first ICC Meeting

Step 5: Club Program Account

  • You will not be able to spend money on a club activity, or fundraiser, until your program account is created.

Step 6: Attend ICC Meetings

  • Send the club’s ICC Representative to the bi-weekly ICC meetings on Wednesdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm in the Student Activities Center to continue active club status.