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Faculty or Staff Advisors to Student Clubs/Organizations are designated as Campus Security Authorities (CSAs)

Those who are designated as a Campus Security Authority (CSA) by the District will be asked to participate in annual training related to the responsibilities of a CSA. A Campus Security Authority is an individual who, by virtue of their college responsibilities and under the Clery Act, is designated to receive and report criminal incidents that they are made aware of to the Campus Police Department to be included and published in the college’s Annual Security Report. This training will be online, followed by a brief mandatory questionnaire to determine if a CSA is aware of a criminal incident to report to campus police in any given year.

The list below designates personnel who are Campus Security Authorities, but is not necessarily all-inclusive:

  • Professional staff in the Vice President for Student Services office
  • Staff in the Student Services Center
  • Staff in the Student Activities Center (handling extracurricular activities)
  • Faculty or staff advisors to student clubs/organizations
  • Athletic directors, the Dean of Kinesiology, Health and Athletics, and coaches (including assistant ADs and assistant coaches)
  • Contract security officers (ATEP)
  • Administrators at branch/satellite/separate campuses (ATEP)
  • A physician in a campus health center, a counselor in a campus counseling center, or a victim advocate
  • All Campus Police personnel
  • Faculty and staff who accompany students off campus for college-related events where lodging and other similar accommodations are made