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A club and all of its members must continue to meet the following requirements to remain active and participate in campus-related programs, activities, and events:

  1. The club must abide by the ASIVC constitution, bylaws, and policies, as well as IVC executive orders and SOCCCD policies and regulations.
  2. The club must have an advisor. The advisor must be a currently employed full- or part-time faculty member, classified professional, or administrator of IVC.
  3. All club members must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 for the semester prior to and throughout their term of office or membership.
  4. All club members must maintain a minimum of five (5) units of coursework each fall and spring semester at IVC, opt in to ASIVC Access, and have IVC as their college of record.
  5. Each club must have the following five (5) officers: President, Vice President, Inter-Club Council (ICC) Representative, Treasurer, and Clerk.
  6. The designated ICC Representative for each club must attend the bi-weekly ICC meetings. Designees cannot represent more than one club at the meeting. If a representative is unable to attend, another Club Officer may attend in their place.
  7. Each club is required to participate in Club Days to ensure IVC students are aware of the plethora of club opportunities available to them.
  8. Each new club must avoid redundancy, overlap, or duplication with any existing club at Irvine Valley College.
  9. Clubs must keep up-to-date copies of their constitution on file with the Offices of Student Life and Student Equity.
  10. Agendas and minutes of all club meetings will be submitted to the assigned google drive.
  11. Clubs shall be financially independent and raise necessary funds from club projects. However, they may receive some financial support from ASIVC in accordance with the finance code of the ASIVC constitution and bylaws.
  12. Any funds requested from ASIVC by a club or program must be used for the purpose requested.
  13. Any unused funds must be returned to the Offices of Student Life and Student Equity at the end of the academic year. Associated Student Government funds cannot be deposited into an IVC Foundation account.
  14. At the close of each academic year, a summary of club activities, achievements, minutes, and agendas will be provided to the Offices of Student Life and Student Equity for the club file.
  15. A club may become inactive due to failure to adhere to the requirements set forth above. Clubs can be reinstated to “active” status by completing the steps required to start a club and then following the requirements for clubs outlined above.