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Getting Involved

Benefits for Students

The purpose of clubs is to provide extra-curricular, engagement, and leadership opportunities for the student body. Clubs provide students with an opportunity to meet with peers under a common interest to form a membership group. IVC clubs are required to register with the Inter-Club Council, which governs club activities. The ICC and its elected officials provide leadership to assist with club operations.

Co-curricular programs are tied to curriculum and must be of a competitive nature in their area of instruction. Enrollment in a course related to the co-curricular program is required. Competitions, which do not include inter-murals, must be officially recognized and compete with other officially recognized schools on IVC’s behalf.

Clubs and co-curricular participation by students can enhance students' experience and provide opportunities for:

  • Academic enrichment
  • Scholarships
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Resume building
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Meeting peers
  • Increased community awareness

Benefits for Advisors

Club and co-curricular program advisors are the key to helping students develop their leadership potential and involvement on campus and in the local community. Advisors have a rich background of experience, which enables them to suggest new ideas and sources of materials, and offer other helpful suggestions to enable students to maximize their experience and attain the goals and objectives of the group.

Club and co-curricular advisors are actively involved in promoting and facilitating student growth and development. The advisor’s role includes guiding the group toward fulfilling its mission in its activities and its relationship to the college community.