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Only employees of the district (not students) are authorized to make purchases for district- sponsored activities.

The following outlines types of purchases and the process for reimbursement or payment for those items through the district-approved Workday process. For more information, please see AR 3200: Purchasing and Contracts.

For information related to submission of authorization and reimbursements, please visit the Expenses Manual in Workday.

Reimbursement to the Advisor for Purchases

  1. Complete a Spend Authorization Request, which gives permission to incur expenses that will be reimbursed in accordance with guidelines and regulations regarding funds.
    • Reimbursements to employees for an after-the-fact completed purchase of goods cannot exceed $500. Equipment and contract services must be pre-approved and cannot be reimbursed via an after-the-fact request.
  2. Create an Expense Report, which itemizes the expenses to be incurred
    • Submit final receipts with the Expense Report entered through Workday to initiate the reimbursement.

Purchase Order Requisition

Purchases other than employee reimbursement or direct payment require the use of a purchase order to purchase items or services from outside vendors. For additional assistance, please visit the Procurement Procedures job aid in Workday.

There are two types of purchase order requisitions:

  1. Standard Purchase Order (PO) Requisition: A Standard PO Requisition is used for one-time purchases of goods or services from a vendor.
  2. Blanket Purchase Order (PO) Requisition: A Blanket PO Requisition is used for open purchase orders of supplies, service contracts, memberships, and contract services, and in general when items are not being received by the warehouse.


  • All orders must have the "deliver to" addressed to the IVC Warehouse — no exceptions.
  • Items must never be sent to a home address.
  • The items must be opened by warehouse personnel and received into the system.
  • The warehouse will deliver the package to the appropriate personnel/department.
  • Goods purchased in person that do not have a receiving component and would qualify for personal reimbursement should be reviewed against district guidelines and ASG bylaws for appropriateness and allowability in order to ensure reimbursement.


  • The employee’s manager or administrator must authorize purchases with both legible signature and printed name on forms and documents.
  • All invoices (the “Bill To” address) should be directed to the attention of District Services, Attn: Accounts Payable Department. Accounts Payable has the authority to call vendors and change the “Bill To” address to District Services, Attn: Accounts Payable Department.
  • The department requesting payment is required to contact the vendor for receipt of final invoice/receipts on paid-in-advance purchases and forward them to Accounts Payable.