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Participation in backstage crew is open to all students and community members. Crew members are an essential part of the production team and serve as stagehands, dressers, make-up technicians, lighting operators, and audio/video technicians. No prior experience is required.

The department of theater does a season of four or five productions each year. We typically do one musical and one straight play each semester. Occasionally we do productions in the summer.

Schedule and Attendance

Crew members attend all technical and dress rehearsals and participate in every performance of the show that they are assigned to. Typically, students are assigned to only one show per semester. Since each crew member fulfills a unique role in the production, attendance at all rehearsals and performances is critical. If you are interested in getting involved, contact Professor M. Scott Grabau.

Course Credit

Backstage crews are made up of students in the following courses:

  • TA61Theater Crew: Scenic
  • TA62 Theater Crew: Costume
  • TA63 Theater Crew: Lighting
  • TA64 Theater Crew: Audio/Video
  • TA65 Theater Crew: Makeup

Students may also participate in backstage crews as a part of our other courses in design and production, such as:

  • TA41 Lighting Design
  • TA42 Costume Design
  • TA76 Scenic Production and Performance Practicum
  • TA73 Costume Sewing, Production, and Wardrobe