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  • Develop, build, and strengthen relationships with local business organizations
  • Promote strong CE programs and maintain higher outcome standards
  • Enhance student connection and involvement, increasing student motivation to learn
  • Stay connected with current industry practices and demands
  • Opportunity to work with the community addressing the needs enhancing reputation and public image
  • Increase higher relevancy with curriculum development and pathways
  • Improve placement/employment rate of gradates


Placement of students in suitable work learning stations is one of the most important roles of the CWE faculty/coordinator. The student’s place of employment is referred to as a work experience education job learning station or workstation. Job learning stations offer a reasonable probability of continuous work experience for students during the current work experience enrollment term.

Each department/school at the college is led by a department/school chair who is available for ongoing assistance to students in the coordination of their programs. Through the department/school chair, the student may be referred directly to a CWE instructor/coordinator for specific assistance and information.

The CWE instructor/coordinator will meet with each assigned student two (2) scheduled hours during the first two weeks of the semester or any appropriate schedule that totals two (2) hours in the first semester.

Cooperative Work Experience Process and Procedures

Beginning Cooperative Work Experience

  1. Meet with potential CWE student.
    1. Conduct CWE Orientation.
    2. Review and approve CWE Program Enrollment Application.
    3. Approve CWE # of units and Issue CWE ticket # and APC for student enrollment.
      • NOTE: for late starts, contact Jay Bong for ticket #.
    4. Assist, review, and approve Student Learning Objective.
      • NOTE: Student Learning Objectives must be approved & signed by the student, faculty, and the employer prior to enrollment.
  2. Meet with the Employer/Supervisor as required.
    1. NOTE: Initial meeting should always be in person. However, the college will substitute approved alternative to in-person consultation in special circumstances; when in the professional judgment of the instructor/coordinator, the benefits of in per consultations are not materially diminished.
    2. Complete employer vetting, job workstation assessment, and review duties and responsibilities.

During Cooperative Work Experience

  1. Facilitate and monitor for completion.
    1. Review and track Student Time Report as necessary.
    2. Review assignments as required by CWE Course Outline/Curriculum.
  2. Complete mid-point site visit and meet with the supervisor.
    1. Review student's learning objectives achievements.
    2. Assess student's timecard for on-time completion.
    3. Reinforce job expectations, performance, and outcomes.
  3. Notify CWE Coordinator & CWE employer with any changes pertaining to student's CWE course.

Completing Cooperative Work Experience

  1. Meet with student and the employer/supervisor for CWE completion assessment.
    1. Discuss, evaluate, and grade each learning objective achievements
  2. Complete End of the Semester Check List.
  3. Compile CWE Student Packet and submit to CWE Coordinator.
  4. Submit student CWE course grade.
  5. Submit CWE Payroll Time Sheet

Required Forms

  • Faculty End of the Semester Check List