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  • Obtain an expanded pool of qualified applicants
  • Gain a direct chance to recruit and screen potential employees
  • Evaluate potential employees in work settings, prior to hiring
  • Develop a quick, reliable source of skilled labor
  • Improve the quality of life and skills in the community
  • Reduce turnover of entry-level employees
  • Influence curriculum development to meet industry requirements


Employers intent and purposes of Cooperative Work Experience Education for students are given a copy of each student's approved on-the-job learning objectives. Student learning objectives are growth oriented and must be of value to the student and the employer. Additionally, the objectives must increase the student's knowledge and make him/her a more valued employee. Employers agree to provide adequate supervision, facilities, equipment, and materials at the learning stations to achieve on-the-job learning objectives. Employer/supervisor will evaluate (grade) student based upon the value of the learning objectives as it relates to the job and the degree to which the student has accomplish the objectives.

The student's place of employment is referred to as a work experience education job learning station or workstation. Job learning stations offer a reasonable probability of continuous work experience for students during the current work experience enrollment term and will not endanger the health, safety, welfare morals of the student.

Employers will provide adequate workers' compensation insurance coverage for paid work and as required by law, agree to comply with all appropriate federal and state employment regulations.

Cooperative Work Experience Process and Procedures

Beginning Cooperative Work Experience

  1. Meet with potential CWE student
    1. Provide job description/responsibilities
    2. Assist, review, and approve Student Learning Objective
  2. NOTE: Student Learning Objectives must be approved & signed by the student, faculty, and the employer prior to enrollment
  3. Meet with CWE Faculty.
    1. Review CWE employer's co-educator role, duties, and responsibilities

During Cooperative Work Experience

  1. Provide, train, and supervise student's job activities to ensure student's maximum educational benefit
    1. Reinforce job expectations, performance, and outcomes
    2. Teach certain skills which can be more effectively learned on the job
  2. Meet with faculty for mid-point site visit
    1. Review student's learning objectives progress and achievements
    2. Review and approve Student Time Report if necessary
  3. Notify CWE Faculty with any changes, questions, or issues

Completing Cooperative Work Experience

  1. Meet with CWE faculty and student for CWE completion assessment
    1. Discuss, evaluate, and grade each learning objective achievements
    2. Review and approve final Student Time Report
  2. Complete Employer's Evaluation of the Student

Required Forms

  • Employer Evaluation of the Student