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Irvine Valley College Office of Student Life does NOT provide housing postings online or on any exterior/interior buildings, and includes any regular or dedicated bulletin boards on the IVC campus. Community members are welcome to utilize the Public Posting Panel/Boards located along the side wall of B100 building/across from the B300 building for their own housing/room for rent type listings. No approval necessary.

IVC Contact: Juanita Vasquez, Homeless Liaison

NOTE: The Public Posting Panel Boards are cleared at the end of every month. No staples or tacks!!! Push pins work best!

Services & Assistance

Housing Resources


Rent Relief Available for Irvine Residents: Funding for rental relief is available for Irvine students, residents, and those who work in Irvine. If you are struggling to pay rent or utilities, you may qualify for assistance. More Information »

Renter's Rights

Affordable Housing

Tips on How to Apply

  • Contact your local Public Housing Agency (PHA) to apply for a voucher. You may also contact your Local Housing and Urban Development (HUD) office for assistance.
  • Contact the properties listed by the PHA or in your city's Affordable Housing listings. If units are not readily available, ask to be added to the waitlist. It is recommended that you add yourself to multiple properties' waitlists. They will contact you if a spot opens up. Optional: Call properties periodically to check on your status and provide the leasing office with any changes to your contact information.

Public Housing Agency (PHA)

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Resource

City of Irvine

Each property maintains its own waiting list. There may be separate waiting lists for units at different income levels, and one waiting list may be longer than others. Typically, waiting lists are longest for extremely-low, very-low and low- income units, and waiting lists are shortest for moderate-income units. Please note that many buildings have waiting lists that are several years long, and few properties may have open waiting lists. Please contact properties directly to inquire about waiting list status.City of Irvine

Utility Discount Programs / Energy Assistance Programs


  • Low-income customers that are enrolled in the CARE program receive a 30-35 percent discount on their electric bill and a 20 percent discount on their natural gas bill. To request an application form and more information, please contact your utility company or check out their websites for more information.
  • Families whose household income slightly exceeds the CARE allowances will qualify to receive FERA discounts, which bills applies a 18% discount on their electricity bill. FERA is available for customers of Southern California Edison, San Diego Gas and Electric Company, and Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

  • One-time assistance
  • Federally funded program