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​What ​Meaning at IVC ​Doing/ Will do ​Outcomes
  • Reflection of students and community, faculty, courses, recruitment
  • Value and celebrate differences; race/ethnicity and other identities; abilities; SES; sexual orientation; educational goals, etc.
  • Some programs (eg, life sciences) have diversified pathways
  • Heritage months and various programs through Student Equity Office
  • Reviewing hiring practices, including HR data
  • Faculty diversification

Composition, representation and recognition of various groups on campus, as reflected in data, both students and employees

  • Recognition that some student groups are advantaged, some are disadvantage (systemic inequalities)
  • One size does not fit all, so need to focus on distribution of resources for success
  • Goal in equality outcomes
  • Providing resources like laptops
  • Various statewide initiatives SEA, GP, AB 705
  • Evaluation of self policies and practices, including instruction
  • Incorporating student voices on their needs
  • Students to classroom ration for equity(i.e. 45+ person classes)

Equality of outcomes for students

  • Thoughtful in languages and communications
  • Acknowledging traditional excluded groups and intentionally inviting and providing them a seat at the table wherever policies and procedures are developed
  • Empowering all to participate
  • Creating and sustaining a healthy campus climate
  • Orientation and mentorship to those new at the table to ensure effective participation
  • Providing safe spaces and flexibility (eg, remote options)
  • Caring Campus
  • Validation to make changes/improvements (ie Puente, first Gen College Student, etc)

Sense of belonging and welcoming, perhaps in campus climate survey