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Irvine Valley College has several special programs to give 
transfer students the competitive edge!
Guaranteed Transfer Admission
UC TAG:  TAG stands for Transfer Admission Guarantee.  6 UC campuses offer guaranteed admission to students who meet the GPA and other guidelines specific to each campus (see TAG matrix​).  The campuses are UC Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Cruz, and Santa Barbara.  AssocDegreeForTransfer_logo_tag_vert_4c_SM-01.jpg
CSU AA-T/AS-T:  The AA-T/AS-T is a special transfer degree program that offers guaranteed admission to the CSU system.  IVC currently has 22 AA-T/AS-T degrees.  See the IVC catalog or the A Degree with a Guarantee website for details.  The following contain information about the IVC ADT degrees, including degrees that have been added since publication of the 2014/15 catalogue. 

IVC AA-T Anthropology.pdfIVC AA-T Anthropology.pdf
IVC AA-T Art History.pdfIVC AA-T Art History.pdf IVC AA-T Philosophy .pdfIVC AA-T Philosophy .pdf
IVC AA-T Communication Studies.pdfIVC AA-T Communication Studies.pdf
IVC AA-T Political Science.pdfIVC AA-T Political Science.pdf
IVC AA-T Economics.pdfIVC AA-T Economics.pdf IVC AA-T Psychology.pdfIVC AA-T Psychology.pdf
IVC AA-T English.pdfIVC AA-T English.pdf IVC AA-T Sociology.pdfIVC AA-T Sociology.pdf
IVC AA-T Geography.pdfIVC AA-T Geography.pdf IVC AA-T Spanish.pdfIVC AA-T Spanish.pdf
IVC AA-T History.pdfIVC AA-T History.pdf IVC AA-T Studio Art.pdfIVC AA-T Studio Art.pdf
IVC AA-T Kinesiology.pdfIVC AA-T Kinesiology.pdf IVC AA-T Theatre Arts.pdfIVC AA-T Theatre Arts.pdf
IVC AS-T Administration of Justice.pdfIVC AS-T Administration of Justice.pdf IVC AS-T Geology.pdfIVC AS-T Geology.pdf
IVC AS-T Business Administration.pdfIVC AS-T Business Administration.pdf IVC AS-T Mathematics .pdfIVC AS-T Mathematics .pdf
IVC AS-T Computer Science.pdfIVC AS-T Computer Science.pdf IVC AS-T Physics.pdfIVC AS-T Physics.pdf
IVC AS-T Early Childhood Education.pdfIVC AS-T Early Childhood Education.pdf

UCLA Transfer Alliance Program and UCI Honors to Honors
TAP:  The Transfer Alliance Program is a collaboration between IVC's Honors Program and UCLA College (Letters and Science) in conjunction with Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools.  IVC students must join the Honors Program and complete 5 honors courses to receive priority consideration for admission.  
H2H: UCI offers guaranteed admission and other benefits to those who participate in the Honors Program, complete 5 honors courses and maintain a 3.7 GPA.  Visit the Honors webpages for more details.
Western Undergraduate Exchange
WUE is a program in which students in Western states may enroll in participating two and four-year public college programs at a reduced tuition; up to 150% of the institution's regular resident tuition which is considerably less than nonresident tuition.  See the WUE website for details.
IVC students have the unique opportunity to attend California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC) campuses while they are still at IVC. This program is especially useful for community college students who might want to transfer to a local CSU or UC campus, allowing them to take a course at that level each semester at a very low cost.  See the Admissions website for details and an application.

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