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Estimated Costs and Living Expenses

Irvine Valley College offers students an affordable option to begin their American education.  The document below is our estimate of the cost of attendance for one year based on the minimum enrollment requirement of 12 units.  Please remember that tuition and fees are subject to change by the State of California or the South Orange Community College District Board of Trustees.  Estimated expenses are likely to go up on an annual basis.

Since the summer session is optional, it is not included in the estimated cost information. If you intend to stay through the summers or travel home during your studies at IVC, please factor those additional considerations into the cost of your education. 

Please click the link below for an estimate of costs for one year of tuition and living expenses for 2015-2016:

                                                       ESTIMATE OF EXPENSES 2015.pdfESTIMATE OF EXPENSES 2015.pdf

Please see the IVC Fees and Refunds page for additional fee information. 

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