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Chi Tau Epsilon was named by founding students who selected the Greek letters XTE, which stands for "Committed to Excellence". XTE is the Irvine Valley College Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association-Lambda Alpha Epsilon (ACJA-LAE). ACJA-LAE is a national, fraternal organization made up of both collegiate and professional criminal justice in-service subchapters. The organization was founded in 1937 with the intent of dedication to the professionalism in the administration of justice and public safety.


Every year ACJA-LAE holds regional and national conferences which XTE members attend and participate. During these conferences, chapters compete with each other in academics, physical agility, crime scene investigation, and firearms. Not only are these conferences a great and rewarding team-building activity, but they also provide a unique opportunity for students to learn from and network with professional and academic members from across the nation. Locally, XTE provides assistance during many Irvine Valley College activities including Homecoming, Welcome Day, Club Day, Senior Day, Astounding Inventions, Commencement, and other student-centered events. Also, XTE members are actively involved in off-campus community service activities such as volunteering at shelters for abused women and children.


If you are interested in becoming a member of Chi Tau Epsilon (XTE), please join us at a scheduled meeting. Meetings are currently held twice per month during the semester in room SSC 260, which is located to the rear of the student services center on the second floor (See Meetings and Events page for the latest dates/times). You may attend as many meetings as you like before deciding to become a member. To become a member of XTE and the ACJA-LAE, you must be at least 18 years old, have an established Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or greater at Irvine Valley College, and current enrollment in 6 or more semester units at Irvine Valley College, with at least 3 of those units in Administration of Justice. Membership dues are currently $20 per semester for our local chapter of XTE, and $30.00 per year for national ACJA-LAE dues.

For more information about XTE or the ACJA-LAE, please send an email to XTE INFO.

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