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Irvine Valley College Cheerleading Team 

IRVINE VALLEY COLLEGE CHEERLEADING is a co-ed cheerleading squad. The cheerleaders perform at all the Irvine Valley College home basketball games which includes sideline and halftime performances. Their primary mission is to get the crowd involved for a true home court advantage. The team performs stunts, tumbling, dances, jumps and cheers.

The goal of the Irvine Valley Cheerleading Squad is to encourage excellent sportsmanship and to provide spirit and pride during athletic performance. The team also promotes the values and represents Irvine Valley College at all times. A high level of commitment to the team and College is expected. It is also necessary to remain in good academic standing at IVC. We want you to do well and will help you in attaining that goal.  

With so many opportunities for excitement, your decision should be easy…

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