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ASIVC Executive Officers

  Safar K.Michael Chan1.jpg
Safar Mahmadov (ASIVC President) & Michael Chan (ASIVC Vice President)

Robert Segarra (ASIVC Treasurer) & Michelle Ngo (ASIVC Secretary)

RoyKim480mug_14A_3564-ICC-Pres.jpgKeefe Carrillo480mug_14A_3575-no-title.jpg
Taehoon "Roy" Kim (ICC President) & Keefe Carrillo (Student Trustee)

CameronAbrams480mug_14A_3588-Student Advocate.jpgEdward Contre_480mug 14A_3586-chief of staff.jpg
Cameron Abrams (Student Advocate) & Edward Contreras (Administrative Assistant)

Safar Khadiyatulloi - ASIVC President
Taehoon 'Roy' Kim - Inter - Club Council (ICC) President
Michael Chan - ASIVC Vice President
Robert Segarra - ASIVC Treasurer
Michelle Ngo - ASIVC Secretary
Edward Contreras - Administrative Assistant
TBD - Public Relations Officer
Keefe 'Keith' Carrillo - Student Trustee
Cameron Abrams - Student Advocate
TBA - Chief Justice


Senators represent the student body of Irvine Valley College. Each senator represents a department and they are all eager to hear your comments. Feel free to email them or call our offices (949) 451-5260. Senate offices are located in the Office of Student Affairs in the Student Services Center (SSC-260).

School of Business Sciences

Kathia Luis and Matias Podboj

School of Fine Arts

Andrea Martinez and Niayesh Hayializadeh

School of Guidance & Counseling


School of Kinesiology, Health and Athletics

Kelvin Attabuatsi 

School of Humanities and Languages

Jacquline Sanchez

School of Learning Resources

Xindi Wang

School of Math, CIS, and Engineering

Brian Singh 

School of Life Sciences & Technology

Jessamyn Hernandez

School of Physical Sciences & Technology

Maksat Idris

School of Social Sciences

Armin Karegar

Senator At Large

Karina Pauletti

Activities Commissioners  


Commissioner of Athletics


Commissioner of Business Sciences              

Commissioner of Evening Students        


Commissioners of Fundraising*

Commissioner of Student Development/Recruitment


Commissioner of Student Diversity

Court Officers:

The Court interprets the ASIVC Constitution & Bylaws when discrepancies become apparent. To register a complaint to be dealt with by the Court, please come to Suite 260 in the Student Services Center to do so. 

Associate Justices



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