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Student Privacy Rights

Under the provisions of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, all students are guaranteed the right to the privacy of their records.

IVC, in compliance with this law, provides students access to specified official records of their work at the college. Students have the right to challenge the content of their records including the grade they received in a class on the grounds that it is inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise inappropriate. Those wishing to challenge the information in their files should contact the Vice President of Student Services, who will initiate a hearing.

IVC will not release student records to third parties. IVC will only release records to students with proper identification with the following notable exceptions. The college will release information to state, local, and federal government authorities in performance of their duties. In addition, the college considers public such factual information as whether or not a person is currently enrolled; the dates a person actually attended the college; and whether a person has received degrees and awards from the college and, if so, which degrees and awards were granted unless the student has specifically directed the Office of Admissions not to release this information.

A standard fee of $15.00 has been established to cover the cost of furnishing copies of some college records to the student. Students wishing to have a copy of other records will be charged the actual reproduction cost except when copies of transcripts of course work completed at other institutions must be obtained from those institutions. Since we do not provide copies of records from other institutions, students must request such records from those institutions. The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act applies to educational records only and does not include administrative records.

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