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Irvine Valley College Codes of Conduct

A student may be disciplined for one or more of the following causes related to college activity or attendance.


  1. Continued disruptive behavior, continued willful disobedience, habitual profanity or vulgarity, or the open and persistent defiance of the authority of, or persistent abuse of, district or college personnel.
  2. Assault, battery, or any threat of force or violence upon a student, district or college personnel, or upon an authorized college visitor [Calif. Ed. Code, Section 76033(b)].
  3. Willful misconduct resulting in injury or death to a student or college or district personnel or an authorized college visitor, or willful misconduct resulting in cutting, defacing, theft, or other injury to any real or personal property owned by the district, college personnel, or students in attendance at the colleges or programs of the district [Calif. Ed. Code, Section 76033(c)].
  4. The unlawful use, sale, or possession on district property of, or presence on district property under the influence of any controlled substance or any poison classified as such by the Business and Professions Code [Calif. Ed. Code, Section 76033(d)].
  5. Theft or willful defacement of real or personal property belonging to the college, a member of the college, or a campus visitor.
  6. Willful or persistent smoking in an area where smoking has been prohibited by law or regulation of the governing board [Calif. Ed. Code, Section 76033(e)].
  7. Persistent, serious misconduct where other means of correction have failed to bring about proper conduct [Calif. Ed. Code, Section 76033(f)].
  8. The forgery, alteration, or misuse of district or college documents, records or identification, or knowingly furnishing false information to the district or college [Calif. Ed. Code, Section 76033(a)].
  9. Cheating or plagiarizing in relation to a district or college course or an academic program.
  10. The unauthorized entry or use of district property.
  11. Disorderly, lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct on district-owned or controlled property or at district-sponsored or supervised functions.
  12. Sexual assault (as defined in Board Policy 5404) on any student, faculty or staff member at the South Orange County Community College District, upon off-campus grounds or facilities maintained by the district, or upon grounds or facilities maintained by affiliated student organizations.
  13. The possession or use of any firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other potentially harmful implements or substances while on district property or at a college-sponsored function without the prior authorization of the college president.
  14. The obstruction or disruption on or off campus of the district’s educational or administrative process or any other district function.
  15. The violation of any previous order issued by the college president that is not inconsistent with any of the other provisions of this policy. This order may be given by its publication in the student newspaper or by posting a notice on an official bulletin board designated for this purpose.
  16. Any other cause not previously listed which is identified as good cause by the disciplinary panel [Calif. Ed. Code, Section 76037].
  17. Attempting to perform any previously identified act that constitutes a cause for disciplinary action.
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