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Burglaries in the A200 Building

The campus has experienced a series of office burglaries in the A200 building. During the period from January Thefts have occurred from several offices and the mail room located there. The suspect(s) have either entered the offices through unlocked windows and/or office doors. Campus police have stepped-up patrols of the area and have received assistance from the Irvine Police Department ‘Crime Scene Investigations’ unit in trying to identify potential suspects.
Campus police recommend that staff should always lock windows and doors of unoccupied offices, and to secure personal belongings in a locked desk or cabinet. If you see someone who is acting suspiciously, appearing to be randomly peering into offices with no apparent business in the area, contact campus police as soon as possible. There is a brochure available on the campus police web site that provides tips for theft and burglary prevention.  Crime prevention material can be located under the ‘Crime Prevention’ tab.


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