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2010-2011 Classified Employee of the Year

Lois Di AltoLois DiAlto

I am pleased to announce that Lois DiAlto has been awarded the Irvine Valley College Classified Employee Outstanding Service Award for 2010-2011.
Lois is a Curriculum/Scheduling Specialist in the Office of Instruction and has been an integral part of the Technical Review and Curriculum Committees at IVC. She is being honored for routinely going above and beyond what a curriculum specialist might typically do: distributing and collecting course outlines of record, inputting data, serving on related committees, and preparing for and contributing to those meetings. Lois consistently helps our faculty and college write, revise and maintain high quality curriculum; curriculum that is clearly and soundly written; curriculum that is in keeping with state requirements and with the expectations of transferring institutions to which our curriculum articulates; curriculum that is academically honest, viable and rigorous.
A colleague says, “For years, Lois has been the silent hero in the background who has held together IVC’s curriculum process and the mountain of paperwork needed to support it. Whenever an instructor needs assistance to find the right form, figure out what to enter on the form, and what’s needed next, Lois is right there with all the answers. We’ve grown so used to her steadfast and practical assistance that it is difficult to even imagine what the curriculum process would be like without her. In many ways, Lois IS the curriculum process at IVC. Because curriculum is the very heart of the institution, her work has had a profound and positive impact on the college.�
Lois regularly attends and participates in statewide curriculum workshops, bringing back and sharing documentation and information with her colleagues, to the benefit of all. She is a valuable CurricUNET resource and serves as a campus resource on this system. She is committed to staying current on curriculum issues and sharing her insights when needed. She is clear-headed, pays attention to detail, and is professional, dependable, helpful, informed, efficient, responsive, diligent and very respectful to everyone with whom she interacts. She is also appreciated for her dry and very witty sense of humor. A dedicated problem-solver, Lois’ work has had a profound and positive impact on IVC.
Congratulations, Lois, on your well-deserved award!
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