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Classified Senate

2010-2011 Accomplishments


  • Met, reviewed, and clarified the Classified Senate roles and responsibilities vis-� -vis CSEA
  • Revamped/updated the Classified Senate website (all agendas and meeting minutes posted)
  • Established ongoing communication with President Roquemore through calendared monthly meetings
  • Produced annual calendar of Classified Senate meetings
  • Developed and distributed annual committee assignments grid
  • Opened a new Classified Senate Foundation account
  • Actively organized and participated in many fundraisers
  • Provided three Classified Senate scholarships in the amount of $400 each
  • Enhanced participation and communication channels via our meetings and email
  • Provided opportunities to attend Staff Development Conferences with funding approval from the President
  • Held IVC Retreat - Q&A with President and VPs and Strengths Quest Workshop
  • Revised and Approved the New Constitution By-Laws
  • Revised the Classified Hiring Priority Process for New Positions
  • Assisted in the institutionalization of the Classified Hiring Priority Process for New Positions
  • Presented and Discussed the Classified Concerns List with the President and VPs
  • Actively participated in the College Accreditation Process
  • Actively represented the Classified Staff in all college committees, task forces and district wide committees


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