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2010 Accreditation Self Study Steering Committee (2-26-09)
2010 Accreditation Standards Task Forces (2-26-09)
ACCJC SLO Report for 2007 - 2008 (4-15-07)
ACCJC SLO Report for 2007 - 2008 Spreadsheet (4-15-07)
Alternative Calendar-Senate Adopted 5-5-05
AP Test Scores 11-17-05
AR 6140: College Speakers 1-4-07
BP 4011: Employment Procedures for Administrators and Managers
BP 4011.1 Full-Time Faculty Hiring Policy
BP 4011.1 Appellate Court Final Decision "IVC & SC Academic Senates v. SOCCCD Board of Trustees & Chancellor Raghu P. Mathur (Hiring Policies and Procedures)"
BSI-ESL Funding Proposal Request Form Adopted 10-13-08
BSI-ESL 08-09 Strategic Planning Report Condensed
Campus Human Resource Development Plan 2007-2008
Human Resource Development Plan (College) 2006-2007
College Technology and Distance Education Committee 2-1-07
Distinguished Academic Lecture Series (DALS) Criteria 4/2/09

Faculty Priority Hiring List Development Process 11-8-07

IE-S-6 Basic Skills 2007 (poppy copy)
Institutional Learning Outcomes 5-3-07
Institutional Effectiveness Report 2006-2007
IVC Academic Calendar Proplsal #4 (approved 4-15-10)

Mission Statement and College Goals Review and Revision Process2-27-08
New Program Development & Approval Policy-Adopted 4-12-06
Program Discontinuance Policy 5-5-05
Planning and Decision Making Manual 2008
Program Realignment Policy 5-5-05
New Program Approval Process 5-1-08
Program Review Cycle 2007-2012
Program Review Planning Process 8-30-07

SPBD Timeline - Adopted 9-18-08
Student Learning Outcomes: Definition of Terms
Strategic Planning Process 9-28-06
Strategic Planning Oversight College Budget Dev. Process Revised 9-17-08
Strategic Planning Oversight & Budget Development Process 08-09
Temporary Full-Time Faculty Hiring Procedures (11-11-09)


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