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IVC Planning and Decision-Making Information

In 2005, Irvine Valley College adopted a Strategic Planning Process based on the principles described in Section I. The Strategic Planning Process is based upon the College Mission and Vision Statement, and the College Goals which are reviewed by the College community. The College Mission and Vision Statements, and the College Goals are posted on the College website and are included in all major College publications. The College Strategic Planning Goals are based upon ACCJC Accreditation Standards, the California Strategic Plan, and data relevant to South Orange County.

The Irvine Valley College Strategic Planning Goals for 2006-2010 are:

  1. To meet the current and future learning needs of our diverse community.
  2. To foster a college environment that is dedicated to attracting and supporting excellent faculty, staff, and students.
  3. To develop and implement curricula that prepare students to transfer, obtain degrees and certificates, improve basic skills, and pursue life-long learning and community education.
  4. To provide exemplary support services focused on student success and retention.
  5. To provide programs and activities that promote economic development and partnerships with the community.
  6. To focus college processes on providing programs and services that educate students to think critically and prepare them for making career and academic choices.
  7. To provide leading edge instructional and administrative technologies to facilitate student success.
  8. To promote IVC as an institution of higher education dedicated to student access and success.
  9. To ensure institutional effectiveness through systematic assessment, intentional dialogue, and continuous improvement.
  10. To continue integrating the strategic planning process with budget development in a systematic cycle of evaluation for effective resource allocation.
  11. To promote environmental stewardship in college planning and decision making. College Committees and Councils
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