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Vision, Mission and Goals


Irvine Valley College is a premier educational institution that provides students avenues for success through exceptional services and dynamic partnerships.


Irvine Valley College is committed to student success. The College is devoted to student learning and success through exemplary and integrated teaching and support services, effective stewardship, and continued accessibility in a diverse community.


1. Teaching and Learning: Facilitate student success by developing programs that prepare students for  
    academic transfer, degree and career technical certificate completion.

2.  Intensive Student Support: Provide exemplary instructional and student support services and infrastructure focused on
     student success.

3.  Leadership and Accountability: Promote institutional effectiveness and student success based on a college culture of
     transparent and responsive leadership, collegial dialogue, and accountability.

4.   Finance and Resource Development: Enhance external resources in support of a quality educational environment.


     1.Increase student completion at IVC.

     2. Increase student retention and persistence rates.

     3. Develop a prescribed framework that will enhance effective use of student support services.

     4. Increase Career and Technical Education (CTE) completion and post-IVC employment.

     5. Develop and annually assess student learning outcomes (SLOs) for all courses, programs and services; institutional
         learning outcomes (ISLOs); administrative unit outcomes (AUOs); and student services learning outcomes (SSLOs).

     6. Increase the proportion of students who move up a level in ESL, and increase the proportion of students who pass 
         transfer writing courses after completing ESL courses.

     7. Develop solutions for the college’s unrestricted general fund budget that align college’s ongoing expenditures with 
         ongoing revenues. In addition, achieve a prudent operational reserve and ratio of salaries and benefits to total budget.

     8. Enhance campus safety and security.

     9. Increase IVC Foundation contributed income.

    10.Work toward completion of the ATEP site development plans.

    11. Improve the efficiency and environmental compatibility of the College in areas such as water use, energy use, 
         construction practices, waste management, and land use.

    12. Enhance the overall educational value of the campus environment.

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