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Sexual Assault Response for Mandated Reporters

Irvine Valley College encourages all individuals to report misconduct to any IVC employee that the Complainant trusts and feels comfortable with. Under Title IX, IVC is required to take immediate and corrective action if a "responsible employee" knew or, in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known about sexual or gender-based harassment that creates a hostile environment.

These actions include:

  • ​Stopping the conduct​
  • Preventing its re-occurrence
  • Remedying its effects
  • Providing care and support for the reporting person
  • Taking steps to insure the safety and security of our community

IVC considers all employees "responsible employees" (with the exception of psychologists at the Health and Wellness Center) and as such, they are required to share a report of misconduct with the Title IX officer or a member of the Title IX team. The Title IX team, under the guidance of the Title IX officer, will conduct an initial assessment of the conduct, the Complainant’s expressed preferences, if any, as to course of action, and the necessity for any interim remedies or accommodations to protect the safety of the Complainant or the community.

You are not a counselor or an investigator and no one is asking or expecting you to perform these duties. You are the bridge to connect students to campus and community support. Acknowledge the boundaries on your relationship with this student while helping the student access the resources and assistance which offer the best support and care. Offer to walk the student over to the Health and Wellness Center or to Campus Police for further assistance.

If someone reports sexual misconduct to you:

  1. Determine if the victim is safe. If not, ask the victim if they would feel comfortable with you calling Campus Police or 9-1-1.
  2. Determine if the victim wants or needs medical intervention. It is the victim’s decision whether or not they receive intervention. Your role is to inform them of their options, which include:
    • Visit the Health and Wellness Center (during business hours)
    • Transport via a friend or family member to a local hospital
    • Call Campus Police for transport to medical facility
  3. Provide the option for the victim to report the sexual assault to any one of the following:
    • Local Police Department: (Irvine Police) 949-724-7000
    • Campus Police Department: 949-451-5200
    • Vice President for Student Services: 949-451-5214

If the incident involves IVC faculty or staff, you can file a complaint with District Services Office of Human Resources: 949-582-4850.


Martha McDonald, EdD
Vice President, Office of Student Services
Title IX Officer
504 Coordinator

Anne Chua
Manager, Office of Student Services
Title IX Investigator
T: 949-451-5231

Elizabeth Cipres, EdD
Dean, Counseling Services
Title IX Deputy Officer
T: 949-451-5410

Nancy Montgomery, RN, MSN
Director, Health and Wellness Center
Title IX Deputy Officer