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Smoke-Free IVC

Communication Tools

Smoke-Free IVC Scripts and Talking Points
If you see someone on campus smoking or using other tobacco products and want to let them know the IVC campus has gone smoke-free, you can use one of these example scripts.

Script 1: You see someone smoking near a building.
“Hi, I’m an employee/student here at IVC. I wanted to make you aware that we are a smoke-free campus. IVC began prohibiting smoking May 26, 2015. Thank you!”

Script 2: Someone asks, “Where am I allowed to smoke?”
“Smoking is prohibited on all IVC property, that includes parking lots, public areas, and inside buildings and cars.”

Script 3: You are communicating with a new student, employee, visitor, or outside vendor or contractor.
“I’d like to let you know in advance that IVC is a smoke-free campus. We ask that you do not smoke or use tobacco products on our campus, including the parking lots, outdoor areas and inside buildings.”

Here are other possible talking points:

  • IVC prohibits smoking to make a cleaner, healthier environment for all on campus.
  • The no smoking policy isn’t against smokers and doesn’t require anyone to stop when they are off campus.
  • If you or someone you know wants help quitting, visit the Health and Wellness Center in the Student Services Center, SSC 150.
  • You can always refer people to

Smoke-Free IVC Flyer and Poster
For copies of a flyer or poster, please contact the IVC Marketing and Creative Services Department at 949-451-5426.