Capital Outlay

IVC Facilities Projects Updates: April 19, 2021

Electronic Access Control

  • Liberal Arts completed
  • Library completed
  • PAC completed
  • LSB (B400) completed
  • A200 completed
  • SSC & B100 completed
  • BSTIC Completed
  • A100 completed
  • B200 Completed
  • All remaining buildings will continue to transition over to the new electronic access according to the agreed prioritized list: Currently in progress: B300, A300, PE100, PE200
  • Estimated completion: September 2021

B200 Chemistry Lab Renovation: Years 1-3

B200 Chemistry Classroom Year 2, Modernization of Chemistry Classroom B221 with Balance and Computer Rooms

  • Construction Contract Awarded to SS+K Construction Inc. on June 24, 2020
  • Construction Started 7/18/20 Completion: December 26, 2020

Construction on schedule

  • Year 2 completed: B221 and Balance room / Computer Lab: NOC goes to Board in March

B200 Chemistry Classroom Year 3, Modernization of Chemistry Classroom 222:

  • Construction Start (S&K): April 5, 2021
  • Estimated Completion: August 2021 / On Schedule

PAC Scene and Prop Storage:

Design contract is coupled w/ Lib Improvement Project, PHASE I

Prefab. Metal storage bldg. with 14’ rollup doors and climate control system on concrete slab - DSA approved.  (Separate construction RFP from Library Phase I project)

  • Architect selected; now in design
  • Design slab and attachment system for the bldg.
  • Design climate control system
  • Design insulation system
  • Submit package through DSA May 2021
  • Out to const. bid July/August 2021
  • Estimated Completion: Dec. 2021

Library Interior Renovation: PHASE I

Immediate ADA Upgrades/Sound Mitigation Measures (Design contract is coupled w/ PAC scene/Prop storage Project)

  • Architect selected; now in design  Floor and entry grate/mat replace at main entry for sound mitigation and ADA compliance
  • New automatic entry doors at main entry
  • Sound mitigation paneling or acoustical treatments (mounted or hanging)
  • Begin Construction May 1, 2021 (on schedule) (Separate construction RFP from PAC storage  project)
  • Project will not go to DSA for review because it is below the $109,000 review threshold; however, entry doors and entry flooring will be inspected by DSA inspector / DSA 999 form submitted. Acoustic treatments in the lobby.
  • Estimated Construction: June 2021

Library Interior Renovation: PHASE II

Medium –Scale Redesign(RFQP Architectural Design Services Combined w/ Lighting Upgrades)

 NOTE: Separate Construction RFP

  • NTP for design services issued: 4/19/21 (IBI Group)
  • DSA submission by October 2021
  • Out to construction bid by Jan/Feb 2022
  • Construction (90-120 day duration) may start as early as April 2022.
  • Estimated Completion: Sept. 2022
  • Project Includes (in hierarchical order): Fenced in exterior patio to the west of circulation desk (between Library and BSTIC), new exiting door system, new circulation desk and related office furniture, restroom fixtures, and addition of storefront framed study rooms.

Note: DSA code may dictate path of travel, restroom (ADA), and / or fire alarm upgrades to the Library as part of this project; these items will be addressed by the architect and DSA through design process.

Campus-Wide Lighting Upgrades

NOTE:Separate Construction RFP

Campus wide upgrade of inefficient lighting and related controls with the intent to reduce energy usage, reduce operating costs, achieve greater control of lighting systems.

  • Design NTP issued (IBI Group) 4/19/21
  • In design by April/May 2021
  • DSA submission by October 2021 
  • Out to construction bid by January 2022
  • Construction (180 day duration)
  • Estimated Completion: May/June 2022
  • Per Medhanie, once you have a specific amount of design complete, send to SCE to see about rebates.

PAC AV (Remaining Portion: Black Box Theater)

  • Currently in design
  • Out to construction bid May 2021
  • Estimated Completion: July/August 2021

Laser Way @ Barranca and Jeffrey Road Entrance Electric Marquee Signs and Static Monument Signs

  • Resubmittal response submitted: 2/10/21
  • 1-New static Monument Sign along Jeffrey Rd. across SCE easement (remove and replace existing): plans in review with SCE
  • 1-New static Monument Sign to be installed in existing Laser Way median
  • Received Irvine Company approval: 3/21.  
  • Design specifications are now w/ City of Irvine (back check comments from C of I): addressing C of I comments and seeking Administrative Relief to allow minor deviations from City of Irvine standards.
  • New electronic marquee: located on campus property at Jeffrey Rd/Irvine Valley entrance: currently with IVC marketing Dept. / under design review.
  • Estimated Completion for Static Signs and Marquees: July 2022

Irvine Center Drive Entrance Electric Marquee Signs

Existing Electronic Marquees at Irvine Center Drive: currently out for quotes for remove/replace with higher resolution units.

  • Competitive Pricing obtained from 3-Marquee Vendors: Daktronics, Vantage LED and WatchFire.  IVC reviewed and compared technical capabilities, dimensional specs, physical performance, and pricing.  IVC will be purchasing this equipment (marquees) from Vantage (lowest bid) for $59,962.19
  • Estimated Completion: Sept. 2021

Scheduled Maintenance Projects / Campus-Wide

  • SM Roofing / HVAC at 5 BLDGS. and Central Plant (PH4): Scheduled Maintenance Roofing repair and/or replacement /HVAC x 5: (PE Complex (100/PE200) + (PH4), (A100 , A200, A300)
  • NTP issued 4/19/21 for construction to: NKS Mechanical Contracting
  • Estimated Completion: November 2021

SM Roofing/HVAC at Library

Currently in design. *DSA submittal anticipated early 2022 with construction start **July 2023; completion estimated December 2023.

  • **July 2023 start date based on FA completion and swing space considerations.  *DSA submittal is flexible and could adjust, depending on return to campus delays and or FA delays:
  • July 2023:  swing space location (A300) to coincide w/ opening of FA complex Spring 2023; Lib. moves to A300 during SM construction.
  • NOTE:  Code changes or equipment changes:  With just over a year between design completion and bid it is unlikely that products or code will change. However, if changes do occur they will be addressed via addendum during bid phase.
  • Estimated Completion: Dec. 2023  

IVC Gym Bleachers Replacement

Project is anticipated to be procured as Owner Furnished Contractor installed.

  • DSA Submittal: 3/23/21
  • Cost Estimate for Added DSA Comments (Added Scope)  PENDING: Fire Alarm Upgrades and required ADA upgrades (Replacement of (2) Drinking Fountains and Room ID Signage.
  • Fabrication Start: May 2021
  • Construction Start: August 2021
  • Estimated Completion: September 2021

Fire Alarm Controller Upgrades

  • Agreement for Architectural Services awarded to SVA Architects
  • Estimated DSA Submittal: June 2021
  • Estimated DSA Approval: August 2021
  • Construction Bidder will be selected: September 2021
  • Submit to October Board
  • Construction Start: November 2021
  • Estimated Completion: February 2021

Live Oak Terrace Sound and Stage Upgrades

  • Agreement for Architectural Services awarded to IBI Group. JAG 2887 in progress.
  • Estimated DSA Submittal: June 2021
  • Estimated DSA Approval: August 2021
  • Construction Bidder will be selected: September 2021
  • Submit to October 2021 Board
  • Construction Start: November 2021
  • Estimated Completion: May 2022

PE 200 Gas Generator

  • Architectural Services Agreement awarded to SVA Architects, Inc., contract executed
  • Estimated DSA Submittal: July 2021
  • Estimated DSA Approval: September 2021
  • Construction Bidder will be selected: October 2021
  • Submit to November Board
  • Construction Start: January 2021
  • Estimated Completion: May 2022

Outdoor learning Labs

(Congressional Funding consideration)

  • Architect (Berliner Architects) selected, JAG 3042 in progress
  • Estimated DSA Submittal: June 2021
  • Estimated DSA Approval: August 2021
  • Construction Bidder will be selected: September 2021
  • Submit to October Board
  • Construction Start: November 2021
  • Estimated Completion: April 2022

B200 1st and 2nd floor Furniture Fixtures Equipment (FFE) and Finishes

  • Out for construction bid by late April / early May 2021
  • Construction duration 60-days / Begins June 2021
  • Currently seeking competitive pricing from G/M Interiors, Knoll, Tangram and United for furniture, with manufacturer production time: 8-weeks.
  • Estimated Completion: August 2021.