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Library Credit Courses

Library 10 (2 units - offered both Fall and Spring) - Introduction to Library Research.
A thorough introduction to the traditional and digital information resources of an academic library. Designed to equip the student to access, evaluate, organize and use information for papers and projects. Recommended for all students.

Library 111 (1 unit - offered in the Spring) - Information Competency: Internet Searching.
An introduction to online research focusing on information competency skills necessary for academic study. Covers web-search strategies, evaluating web resources, recognizing plagiarism, and documenting scholarly research materials found on the Internet.

Library 112 (1 unit - offered in the Fall) - Introduction to Electronic Databases.
Introduces students to electronic database resources and indexes used for college research. Focuses on search options, contne, and evaluating and citing online materials. Recommended for all students, especially transfer students.

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