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Irvine Valley College Library: FAQ

How do I find articles?

You can access our library articles databases on-campus and off-campus.
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How do I Ask A Librarian for help?

There are three different way you can Ask A Librarian for help. In person at the 1st floor reference desk, Email, or by Phone.
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How do I log in to the computers?

Your username is the same as your IVC email username. That is the first part of your email address before the @. Your password is created by you in MySite.
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Can non-students check out books?

Yes. Local community members may purchase an IVC library card for $10 for six months. Community card holders can check out 4 items at a time.

Can non-students use the IVC computers?

Yes. People who buy an IVC library card can use our computers. They will get a log-in username and password within one working day of registering for a library card.
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How do I check my student email?

This is the link to information about our New Student Email.
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Which computers can I use to surf the Web/write a paper/print a document?

All the student computers in the library have the same software. They all have Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, including Word, and they can all print. Here is the full list of computer software installed on the library computers.
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How do I search for books?

You can search for a book at IVC, Saddleback or just about any library in the world using our Catalog Search box on the library's home page.

IVC Worldcat search box
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Does the library have copiers? How much do they cost?

The library has eight multi-functional machines, 6 black and white and two color. Black and white copies cost $0.10 a page single-side and $0.15 double sided. Color copies cost $0.59 a page single-sided and $1.00 double-sided.
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Where are reserves, and how do I check them out?

Reserves are items given to the library by faculty for use by their students. They are held behind the check-out desk. You must be currently enrolled at IVC and have a IVC or Saddleback ID card to use reserves. Most reserves can only be used in the library. To find out which materials are currently on reserve Click Here.
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Do the DVDs or music CDs check out?

Yes, our DVD and music CD collections can be checked out to students for three weeks. Students may also use them in the library. CD-ROMs that accompany books do check out with the books.
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How many items can I check out?

Students can check out 9 items at a time.
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How long do books check out?

CDs, DVDs, Books, and software that accompanies books, check out for 3 weeks.
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How do I print at IVC?

From the IVC library computers:

  1. First you must add funds to your printing account at
  2. Log into any computer on campus
  3. Prepare your document on any of the computers.
  4. Click print on the computer like you normally would in Windows.
  5. Go to any one of the printers and use the alternate login with your IVC username and password.
  6. Choose "Print Release"
  7. Your print jobs will appear on the print station monitor
  8. Find the print job you wish to print, select it and click print.
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Can I print or copy in color?

The library has two color multi-functional machines that will print and copy in color. Color copies cost $0.59 a page single-sided and $1.00 double-sided.
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Where can I get help with research?

There are librarians at the Reference Desk on the 1st floor of the library who can help you with research.

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Can books be renewed over the phone or online?

Yes, as long as it is before the item's due date. Call the Library Circulation Desk at (949)451-5761 or renew through your student account online.
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Can I use the library databases from home?

All of our databases are available off-campus! Access requires the same log-on information as your school email. Click here to access them.
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Does the library have change?

The library does not have any change.
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Where is the tutoring office?

The tutoring office is part of the "Student Success Center" located in BSTIC 110.

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Can I download things from the Internet?

Most downloading is restricted. Files can only be downloaded from certain approved web sites that are related to IVC classes. If you are trying to download a file for an IVC class and it does not work, inform the library staff.
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Why can't I get my email attachment?

You can only download email attachments from IVC web-based email. If you are trying to get an attachment from another web-based email such as Yahoo or Gmail, it will not work. You have to download it to the computer's desktop and print it from there.
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Do I need my student I.D. to check out books?

YES, but you must have a IVC or Saddleback ID card to be able to checkout materials from the library, including reserve books.
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Can I check out magazines?

No, magazines are not allowed out of the library.
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Can I reserve a study room?

Yes, you can reserve a study room online through our Study Room Bookings Calendar. Group study rooms can be reserved for a maximum of three hours per group and up to one week in advance.
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Can I return books after the library is closed?

Yes, there is a book drop box in front of the library. Please do not put videos or CDs in it. They can be damaged in there.
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Can I check my grades/academic history on the computers?

Yes, go to MySite. You will need your student ID number and your college PIN number to log in.
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What kind of computers do you have in the library, P.C.'s or Mac's?

The library contains primarily windows based virtual P.C.'s. The library classroom has 22 Mac's that have the capability to run in both a Windows and Mac OS X environment.​

IVC Library Contact

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