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IVC Library Mission Statement - Summer 2011

IVC Library
The IVC Library is committed to supporting the College's mission as a caring community of learning by providing convenient and effective access to high quality library services, collections in a variety of formats, and information resources designed to meet the curriculum, research, professional, intellectual, creative and personal needs of the IVC community.
1. To expand our service area in order to respond to the ever-increasing student requests for additional computers, study rooms, study space, and data ports.

2. To provide IVC students and faculty on- and off-campus access to comprehensive information resources that support their educational and intellectual growth.

3. Streamline the physical structure of the library to meet the changing needs of users.

1. Provide a pleasant, user-oriented learning environment for on-site users and the technical infrastructure and online environment, resources and services for both distance learning and campus communities.

2. Strive for a balanced, current, and relevant collection of resources in both traditional and electronic formats that provide professional, academic and career-oriented information to meet the changing needs of a diverse community.

3. Present a library governance system that provides reliable information and, as appropriate, involves the faculty and students in the decision-making process.

4. Initiate, enhance, and improve new and traditional user services.

5. Offer a multifaceted instructional program to provide IVC students and other library users with life-long learning, informational skills and competencies to assist them in their pursuit of successful careers, productive citizenship, and a satisfying quality of life.

6. Support the instructional, information, research, and curriculum needs of the College through an effective, collaborative collection development and management program.

7. Use assessment tools to improve student learning and effective teaching.

8. Promote communication and collaboration within the College.

9. Provide a competent, skilled staff dedicated to meeting user needs by encouraging and providing opportunities for professional training and development.

10. Strive to provide the leading edge technology that supports the academic community and enhances the library operation including the Circulation Desk, Reference Desk, Reserves, and Collections.
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