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People at check-out counter are friendly and helpful.
Fix out-of-service computers. Too many of them right now.
Also, I wish the librarians have more authority to control disrespectfully behaving students who are talking and disturbing other students. I see the same students who come here and constantly talking with thier friends.
When it's quiet, the energy of concentration and motivated to study are here if you have disterbing environment at your house.
Again, it gets too noisy and frustrating to study here a lot of times.
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AC. staff is nice.
the printers are not good, always breaking. when people are loud, they should be told by the library staff to quiet down.
yeah i have before
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The Mac computers!
It's perfect the way it is
i would :)
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it is air conditioned..
more personal rooms for group studies.
if they had to study or use a computer yes. also if its hot outside yes.
not great for groups to come do homework and projects because it has no conference rooms or takes a long time to reserve/wait for a room.
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Please have a librarian at the reference desk helping students.  I had to wait for two hours!
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It can bench 420
Needs more bacon
hell naw
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The links to search for books online on the IVC website are down
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This is a test entry only.  Please let me (Bob Stanley) know if you get this. At or X5570. Thanks. Bob
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The helpfulness of the librarians. They don't hesitate. Additionally, the Library Skills Workshops have been invaluable.
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The computers available for use are very new and modern.
The library is way too small to accommodate all of the students at IVC. I have sat on the floor many times during finals week and such to study. Very unrealistic, but I wish IVC would construct a new and modern library. The library is very outdated and dirty looking.
No I would not.
The library is crowded and very old. I usually go to other schools to use their library because it's more modern and much bigger. I usually go to UCI's library or Chapman University's library.
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I like the hours are extended. it gives working students flexibilities.
café/drinking areas would be awesome. since many students bring coffee with them to keep them awake.
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