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The purpose of the PRO IVC 2014-2015 Campaign is to raise funds to support programs that benefit the students, faculty, administration, and staff of Irvine Valley College. The IVC Foundation will be contributing a "Funding Match" to each Project that participates in the PRO IVC Campaign. For 2014-2015, the Foundation will match 33.3% of all money raised and received by the Foundation offices, up to $100,000 total


Last spring, the Foundation Board of Governors approved opening PRO IVC beginning with the first day of Fall semester classes, August 18, 2014. Any donations collected after August 18th will be considered in the final calculations for matching dollars.

For the third year in a row, the IVC Foundation will provide $100,000 in total, matching 33.3% of total funds received from College Project Accounts. This means that every dollar raised to $300,000 will be matched. All money received by the Foundation offices before May 22, 2015 will be included in the final calculations.

The IVC Foundation PRO IVC Committee looks forward to similar results that were seen in the 2013-2014 PRO IVC Campaign. Our previous fund drive began in October 1, 2013 and ended May 23, 2014. This is the 12th year the campaign has been run.

A total of 86 campus organizations participated in the 2013-2014 PRO IVC campaign and a total of $233,364.49 was raised by the groups and their donors, sponsors….and the hard work of IVC faculty, staff and supporters.

In 2014 the Foundation matched $77,788.11 toward the PRO IVC campaign, meaning that a total of $311,152.60 was distributed among the 86 clubs, groups, and funds that participated for 2013-2014. The amount each organization will receive is based on the amount they actually raised (up to the average minimum match of $566.51), plus a pro-rata portion of the $77,788.11 of the IVC Foundation funding. The total allocation for all accounts, including the foundation match, and the amount raised by the campus organization ranged from $40 to a handsome $9,457.34.

2013-2014 was the second year that online fundraising was available at Teams were able to email their friends, family, and community members to ask them for their support. Those who chose to donate were directed to the website, where they could join a chosen team, and enter a credit or debit card to make a donation. They could also publicize their team’s efforts with the use of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. There is also a smart phone app that makes sharing with friends easy.

"This successful campaign has demonstrated once again that by reaching out with online fundraising programs, we can more fully support our students academic success." states Richard Morley, IVC Foundation Executive Director. “By engaging friends and family using social media, we bring our college to the attention of more interested donors.”

PRO IVC has gained momentum with online fundraising. Our faculty and students who made their initial PRO IVC Team Pages, like the Keyboard/Piano Fund and the Honors Program Account, were happily excited with results that came from asking people to donate to their cause online. The Foundation staff looks forward to supporting more of our campus organizations with their online fundraising for the 2014-2015 PRO IVC campaign. 

Please contact Denise Sonnenberg at 949-451-5661 if you have any questions about the program, or would like help setting up your Team Page. 


Elissa Oransky
Foundation, Executive Director

Karen Orlando
Foundation, Development Services

Denise Sonnenberg
Foundation, Development Associate

T: 949-451-5290
O: B200 Building, Room 251

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