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The PRO IVC Campaign for 2014-2015 will begin on September 1, 2014 and end on May 22, 2015. All funds pledged and donated are due to the IVC Foundation offices by 5:00PM May 22, 2015, or will be accepted online until midnight of May 22. This has been extended so that it begins earlier, and ends later than in previous years. Since we have been successfully using online websites for fundraising, participation can take place over a longer period of time.

All funds collected for projects during the Campaign and received by May 22, 2014, will receive a Funding Match from the IVC Foundation.

To maximize the Funding Match for each Participating Project the "Match" will consist of two components of 50% each of the final matching total.

Component A - Each Participating Project will receive an equal share of 50% of the total matched (but not to exceed the amount of funds collected for your project).

Component B - Each Participating Project will receive a Pro-rata share of 50% of the total matched (but not to exceed the amount of funds collected for your project) as a percentage of the total funds collected from all the Participating Projects.

In 2013-2014, projects that raised up to $566.51 received a dollar for dollar match by the IVC Foundation, with 86 project teams participating. This year the numbers will vary, but this amount is a good indication of what will happen based on previous performance over the years. The largest amount distributed in 2014 was $9,457.34. The total matching amount distributed was $77,788.11.

The IVC Foundation will complete the final reconciliation of the pledged funds collected for each project and provide a final tally to all participants by June 30, 2014. The funding "Match" will be credited to all participant accounts by Fall 2015. Please contact the Foundation offices for information at 949-451-5290 and speak with either Karen Orlando or Denise Sonnenberg.


Elissa Oransky
Foundation, Executive Director

Karen Orlando
Foundation, Interim Director of Annual Giving

Denise Sonnenberg
Foundation, Development Associate

Karen Martin
Foundation, Interim Development Assistant

T: 949-451-5290
O: B200 Building, Room 251

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