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Foundation Project Accounts

A01IVC Administrative Council Scholarship Fund
A20Business Sciences
A47IVC Child Development Center General Account
A89Men's Tennis
A98Sports Medicine
B02President's Account
B35Life Sciences Fund
B47Psychology/PSI Beta
B80Foundation Development Fund
B82Cynthia McElyea Endowment Fund
B83Adapted Physical Education
B84Art Department Endowment Fund
B85Foundation Golf Tournament
B86Foundation Awards Dinner
B87Art Department Fund
B88Foundation Astounding Inventions
B89Guidance & Counseling
B90Nicholas Sandoval Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund
B91Humanities & Languages
B92Model United Nations
B93Associated Geology Student of IVC Endowed Scholarship Fund
B94Geography Program
B95ASIVC - Special Scholarship Fund
B96Geography & Geology Program
B97IVC Reading Program
B98Choral Music Fund
B99Art Gallery Fund
C00Friends of the Library
C01School of Fine Arts
C02English and Humanities Endowed Scholarship
C03Life Sciences & Technology
C04Outreach and Community Relations
C07Emeritus Institute
C08Athletics Support
C10Women's Soccer
C12Women's Tennis
C13IVC Softball
C15Men's Soccer
C16Men's Volleyball
C18International Student Scholarship Fund
C21Instrumental Music Area Account
C22Chemistry Fund
C23Math Activities
C24Social Sciences
C25Physical Education
C27Management Council
C28IVC Fundraising Committee
C29Scholar/Athlete Scholarship Fund
C30IVC Piano Program Account
C32Vocal Music/Opera Fund
C33Goodwill Scholarship Fund
C34Women's Basketball
C35IVC EOPS Book Sales Account
C36Astronomy Program Fund
C37DSP&S Scholarship Fund
C38Photo Program
C39Career Technical Education Fund
C41IVC Arboretum and Ecology Center
C43Spanish Department Fund
C44Charter 100 Scholarship Program
C46Political Science
C47Academic Senate
C48Administration of Justice
C49Multi-Cultural Program
C50Re-Entry Students Center
C53Men's Basketball - Spectrum Bank
C54Natural History Collections
C59Women's Volleyball
C61Men & Women's Golf
C64Women's Badminton
C65IVC Greenhouse
C66Billy Iler Scholarship
C67Career and Transfer Center
C68IVC Alumni Development and Activity
C69IVC Health & Wellness Center Fund
C72George Edwards Smith Memorial Endowed Scholarship
C73General Scholarship Program
C74Shungnak Luke Kim Endowed Scholarship Fund
C75Ruth Yun Kim Endowed Scholarship Fund
C76Brendan Jundanian Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
C77Tonya Reed Gardner Memorial Music Endowed Scholarship
C78Barbara & Christopher Riegle Endowed Scholarship Fund
C79Volunteers at Irvine Reg Hosp & Med Ctr Endowed Scholarship
C81Classified Senate Endowed Scholarship Fund
C82Instrumental Music Area Endowment Fund
C86Classified Senate Program Account
C87EOPS Book Loan Program
D21Charter 100 Endowment Fund
D45Donald L. & Sandra F. Rickner Endowed Scholarship
D96Daryle Black Memorial Scholarship
E00Emeritus Art: Schader
E021Alvin M. Lang Endowed Scholarship Fund
E04Grace Everett Fulkerson Scholarship Fund
E34International Foundation for Junior Golf Scholarship
E35The Marilyn Foreman Endowed Scholarship
E36Life Sciences IHF Account
E43Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society Scholarship
E58Baseball Field Account
E95Mikel Bistany Scholarship Account
E98Jim Schroeder Memorial Scholarship
E99Countess Pease Jeffries Endowed Scholarship
F06Pass Through Scholarships
F14Shackleford Family Endowment for Athletics
F21Dahlia Petersen Scholarship
F27The Jenny Richards Endowed Scholarship
F28International Student Support Fund
F29Office of Instruction
F30Charles Schwab Endowments
F32Performing Arts Center
F33HS, PE & Athletics Office Support
F37Hewitt-Capaldi Endowment Fund
F40Honors Program
F42Rollie Pollies
F46IVC Art History Program
F58Office of Student Services
F59John Brendan McCaughey Memorial Scholarship
F60AT&T Scholarship Endowment
F61Veterans Memorial Project
F62The Lillian V. Chandos Memorial Endowed Scholarship
F67Assistance League of Irvine Scholarship Endowment
F73Performing Dance Ensemble
F80Phi Theta Kappa Foundation
F81Jack Scudder Endowed Scholarship
F89Organ Music Fund
F92Al and Emilee Tello Scholarship
F94Onelia Diaz Memorial Scholarship
F95Music Theory & Composition Account
G01Tracy D. Terrell Scholarship
G03Lloyd & Lauretta Dyer Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship
G06Foundation Mini-Grants
G07Classified Senate Green Alternatives
G09Public Information and Marketing Program Account
G11IVC Green Team Alliance
W01Osher Scholarship Holding Account - Miscellaneous
W02The Lyle and Ethel Davis Osher Endowed Scholarship
W03The Charter 100 Osher Endowed Scholarship
W04Wyoma Hamilton Osher Endowed Scholarship
W05ASIVC Osher Endowed Scholarship
W06Nancy Lent Logan Osher Endowed Scholarship
W07IVC Faculty Osher Endowed Scholarship
W08Cesar Chavez Osher Endowed Scholarship
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