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The Irvine Valley College Foundation has raised and awarded hundreds of thousands of scholarship funds to deserving students since 1987.. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and/or financial need. IVC Scholarships offset costs for tuition, fees, living expenses, books, and supplies.
Establishing a new scholarship at Irvine Valley College takes four easy steps:

1. Determine the level of support you wish to provide

  • Annual scholarships begin at $500 and are funded on a year-by year basis by the donor(s).
  • Endowed scholarships support themselves in perpetuity. The initial gift is invested, and the scholarship awards are determined each year by the Foundation's Endowment Spending Policy. The minimum investment for an endowed scholarship is $10,000. An endowed scholarship may be named in honor or memory of an individual or organization of your choice.
  • Other scholarships may be awarded from a specific donation as specified by the donor(s).

2. Determine the focus of your scholarship.

  • Discuss with a representative of the IVC Foundation scholarship program the type of scholarship and eligibility criteria that reflects your intent for helping students.
  • Criteria often include a specific major, academic achievement (grade point average), service involvement or financial need.

3. Complete the Scholarship Agreement form.

  • Completing the Scholarship Agreement form formalizes your commitment to the IVC scholarship program. The form allows you, with the assistance of a scholarship program representative, to provide a description of your scholarship as well as information which will be used in the administration of your award funds.
  • The form details the following:
    • Level of support
    • Scholarship eligibility criteria
    • Selection instructions
    • Disbursement details

4. Make your gift.

  • Upon finalizing the details of your scholarship, gifts may be made via check payable to the "IVC Foundation."
  • Call the IVC Foundation at 949-451-5290 or email to to discuss how you wish to support our IVC students with scholarships.


Add to an Existing Scholarship

Many friends and family have set up memorial scholarships for their loved ones. You can now give directly online to those scholarships or you can email us about setting up a new scholarship in memory of someone. Contact the IVC Foundation at 949-451-5290 about adding to an existing scholarship. 

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