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Advancing Success for Today and Tomorrow
(IVC) has been advancing success for our students and our community. Nearly 15,000 students now attend IVC each year. Many transfer to a four-year college; others move directly into successful careers; and still others experience the “community” in our community college, enriching their lives through IVC’s distinguished arts, sports, emeritus and other community programs.
IVC offers an exceptional value for the highest quality education. IVC is ranked #1 in Orange County and #2 among all California community colleges in transfer rates. Students transfer successfully not only to UC and CSU campuses, but also to prestigious universities across the nation—like USC, Stanford, Caltech, Chapman, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Cornell and Brown, to name just a few.
IVC was just awarded its first National Science Foundation grant, a three-year Advanced Technological Education award of $190,000 to fund the IVC Photonics Initiative, which prepares students for employment in photonics, a rapidly growing field that covers the science and engineering of devices that interact with light.
In August 2013, IVC received a $50,000 grant from the Wells Fargo Foundation to support the creation of a new Veterans Services Center for active service members, veterans and military dependents.
We recently held a first-ever summit bringing together 70 community and campus partners to begin planning the College of the Future at ATEP, our Advanced Technology & Education Park in Tustin. is initial brainstorming session focused on closing the skills gap and integrating education and workforce development. We look forward to collaborat- ing on this exciting business and educational partnership.
Whether your interest is in promoting programs such as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to advance economic growth, engaging new students, assisting mid-life learners returning to college to retrain, or in educating veterans, we welcome your support and investment.
Glenn R. Roquemore, PhD
President, Irvine Valley College

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