Page 8 - 2012 Foundation Annual Report
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Looking Ahead, Planning for the Future
steady growth and development. anks to our passionate students, strong community support and dedicated faculty and staff, we continue to see exceptional results with our students in spite of national economic uncertainty and an unprecedented fiscal crisis at the state level.
Over the next couple of decades, our college looks forward to continuing to provide students with the finest education possible. Looking ahead, the future at IVC is filled with a busy schedule of arts, athletics, increased outreach to the community and new and innovative academic and career programs to meet the changing needs of a global economy.
As our academic and career programs grow, we will also need to expand our campus, repurposing some buildings, constructing new classrooms and labs, adding parking structures, more resource centers, and a new entrance, among other projects. We recently opened a beautifully landscaped outdoor venue, and plans are in the works to create community gardens, to dedicate a wildlife conservation area, and to support more sustainable and drought-resistant landscaping. Our innovative public art program, the biannual outdoor sculpture invitational (BOSI), also continues to go strong.
IVC is very proud that we have recently been officially recognized as a Military Friendly School. With over 3,000 military veterans currently enrolled, IVC received this distinction for being among the elite schools in the nation to offer active service members, veterans and military spouses the best education, best value and most welcoming atmosphere among 7,000 academic choices. IVC has also recently inaugurated a veterans support group, the Veterans Angels, whose donations will help fund critical support services that are presently lacking in the veterans’ educational aid packets.

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