Page 4 - 2012 Foundation Annual Report
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A Premier California Community College
comprehensive and diverse community college with over 15,000 students, including over 400 international students from over 35 countries. Known as a leader among California community colleges, the 27-year-old institution is dedicated to student success and to providing high-quality, accessible and affordable education for all. Located on 100 acres of beautifully landscaped, park-like property in the heart of Irvine, the IVC campus offers students exceptional educational opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities. e college takes pride in its multi-talented faculty and staff.
Rocio Ambrocio
After earning a BA in mathematics with an emphasis in education, Rocio wants to apply to graduate school, where she hopes to earn a PhD. “My long-term goal is to make an impact on my future students because I believe that everyone can learn the beauty of math. It just takes hard work.“ She also wants to continue getting involved with her community by promoting the importance of education. “IVC has amazing professors and staff who are always willing to help students succeed.”

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