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Advancing Success for Today and Tomorrow
has been advancing success for our students and our community. Today, over 15,000 students attend IVC each year, many transferring to a four-year college, many moving into successful careers, and many experiencing the “community” in community colleges—enriching their lives through IVC’s distinguished arts, sports, Emeritus and other community programs.
IVC offers an exceptional value for the highest quality education. IVC is ranked #1 in Orange County and #3 among all California community colleges for its transfer rates. Students transfer successfully not only to UC and CSU campuses but also to prestigious universities across the nation—USC, Stanford, Caltech, Chapman, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and Brown, to name just a few. IVC transfers have historically outperformed students who started their education at four-year universities.
As we look to the future, we welcome entrepreneurial community partners to bring together the resources to make a difference in the quality of higher education at Irvine Valley College. Whether your interest is in promoting programs such as STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) to advance economic growth, or in assisting students who are just entering college, mid-life learners returning to college to retrain in a new skill or profession, or veterans recently back from Iraq and Afghanistan, we welcome your support and investment. Please join us in advancing student success at Irvine Valley College.
Glenn R. Roquemore, PhD President, Irvine Valley College

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