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 Theater Production Courses at IVC

TA142A Scenic Production A 1 Unit
TA142B  Scenic Production B 2 Units
TA142C  Scenic Production C 3 Units

TA143 Costume Sewing 1 Unit
TA153 Costume Sewing and Production 2 Units
TA163 Costume Sewing, Production and Wardrobe 3 Units

The Theater Department offers several courses in scenery and costume production. These courses are focused on creating elements for use in department productions. These courses are entirely hands-on and include instruction in safety and basic skills for creating scenery and costumes.
​Frequently Asked Questions
  • There are six different classes. Which one should I take?
    • Take the class that corresponds with your interest (scenery or costume) and the amount of time you can spend working in the shop each week.

  • What is the time commitment?
    • The one unit classes are three hours a week and the two unit classes are six hours a week. If you take a three unit class you will be spending six hours a week in class in addition to three more hours a week that you schedule outside of normal class time. Some students that take three unit classes choose to serve on scenic or wardrobe crew for our productions instead of additional time working in the shop. A crew assignment will include a schedule of rehearsals and performances that you must attend which are held on evenings and weekends. For specific days and times check the Backstage Crew page.

  • Are these classes meant to be taken sequentially?
    • No. Because degree and transfer requirements differ, we offer multiple class options. All courses in this group assume no prior experience. A one unit course will only cover basic tools, materials, and techniques. A two unit course will cover more topics and offer more opportunity to master skills. The three unit courses offer the most in-depth experience. However, if a student does have prior experience, coursework will be adapted to suit the student’s skill level.

  • Can I take more than one class?
    • Certainly. You could take a scenic production class one semester and a costume class or another scenic production class the following semester. You can take multiple classes in any order you want. However, you cannot take more than one class in the same semester.

  • Can I take the same class again?
    • Under the new repeatability rules you cannot repeat these courses. However, if the university you will transfer to requires their students to repeat a similar class, exceptions can be made.

  • I need to get an “A” in this class. Is the class hard?
    • These classes assume no prior experience. If you are a responsible and dedicated student you can get an “A”, regardless of your mechanical aptitude. Poor attendance is the most common reason students are unsuccessful in production classes.

  • I want to work backstage during performances. Are these the right classes for me?
    • These classes are focused on construction work in the scenic and costume shops. The TA142C and TA163 courses offer the opportunity to participate backstage during performances on the crew. However, if crew work is your primary interest then the TA141 series of courses may be better for you. Visit the Backstage Crew page for more information about TA141.

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