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Lighting Design

‚ÄčTA41  Stage Lighting

This course introduces the theory and practice of stage lighting, stressing the role of the lighting designer in a theatrical production team. The course covers lighting instruments and controls; the aesthetics of color; the distribution, intensity, and movement of light; and basic principles of electricity. Students gain practical experience in the design and implementation of a light plot. Crew assignment for college productions is required.

IVC's Stage Lighting course has two aims.

First, students learn the knowledge and skills of a stage electrician. This includes familiarity with all of the different kinds of lighting fixtures, and other equipment used. In addition, stage electricians must understand principles of electricity, data distribution, and safety procedures. In our class, students learn the basic skills necessary to hang, focus and operate lighting equipment for live theater performances.

Second, students learn the knowledge and skills of a theatrical lighting designer. This includes understanding of light as a medium for artistic expression and its function in a theatrical production. Students work with IVC's new Mini Lighting Laboratory to develop artistic ideas and share them with class. In addition students learn all of ways professional lighting designers document their work and communicate with the other members of the production team.

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