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Lisa Davis Allen:

Professional Background

Dr. Lisa Davis AllenDr. Davis Allen has spent nearly three decades working in both two and four-year institutions of higher education where she has not only been responsible for course and program development, but also embraced leadership roles. Lisa’s accomplishments demonstrate a commitment to student success, faculty support and administrative collaboration. Serving as Art Department Chair from 2007-2014, she has been responsible for the management of degree and certificate programs, student success, faculty and all dedicated facilities needs. As a faculty leader, Dr. Davis Allen served on the Academic Senate cabinet for five years, holding the position of Academic Senate President from 2009 to 2012. In this role, she chaired the Institutional Effectiveness Committee; oversaw the procurement of technologies that advanced curriculum development, comprehensive program review and student learning outcome assessment; secured funding for faculty professional development; updated faculty-hiring policies; and participated in facilities and education master planning. Lisa also served her institution as the primary faculty author for two College accreditation responses addressing ACCJC recommendations. In addition, she acted as the Distance Education Coordinator where she co-chaired the Distance Education Task Force, leading efforts in student preparedness, faculty training, increased completion rates and the distribution of tools and techniques to more successfully address both synchronous and asynchronous student learning. 

Author of several articles and professional presentations on art and cartography, Dr. Davis Allen has received multiple awards in her discipline including the Mellon Foundation Doctoral Research Stipend, Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois; and the prestigious international J.B. Harley Research Fellowship in the History of Cartography presented by the British Library, London, England.
Today, Dr. Davis Allen continues her professional work in art history, both in and out of the classroom. A native Texan, she divides her leisure time between the West Coast and the Gulf Coast.

Educational Background

Dr. Lisa Davis Allen holds a Doctor of Philosophy in European History* from the University of Texas at Arlington with areas of expertise in Baroque art and cartography; and additionally holds a Masters of Arts in European History, and graduate Certification in Museums and Archives Administration. As an undergraduate, she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking (magna cum laude) providing her with a broad understanding of the unique needs of both lab and lecture components in an academic division. After teaching in the online modality for nearly a decade, Dr. Davis Allen completed an Online Educator Occupational Skills Award in 2013, further advancing her implementation of best practices in online delivery and the incorporation of learning management systems in the classroom. In addition to Lisa’s degrees and certificates, she completed two Association of California Community College Administrators (ACCCA)-sponsored training programs in 2012-2013 (Leadership Pathway Program and ACCCA ADMIN 101). 

* Doctoral Dissertation: The Color of Nationalism: The Use of Formal Elements as a Vehicle for Projecting National Identities in Early Modern European Maps and Paintings, 2001.

DAVIS ALLEN Professional Vitae.pdfDAVIS ALLEN Professional Vitae.pdf

Lisa Davis Allen, PhD
Professor, Art History

Supervisor, Art History Program
Department of Art and Art History
School of The Arts

T: 949-451-5207
O: BSTIC Bldg., 202A

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